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"Floral Beauty "Reversible

Beautiful Quilt with embroidered red and silver flowers. 2-in-1 as the back is designed with the same structure and fabrics. Made of 100% cotton and 100% Polyester batting. Size: 42" X 58" Fabrics were washed before quilt piecing to avoid discoloration and shrinkage.

Quilt - Cyr

This quilt was offered to our dancing teacher during the holidays. I have used her school logo that I converted into an embroidery and displayed on the quilt using various thread colors. I have also added a personal quote about dancing, giving the impression that the teacher is expressing it herself, and made a matching cushion.

Quilt - Kisses

This was my first quilt ever, offered to a friend we call "Kissy, Kissy". I have used the lips to create butterflies and flower designs all over the quilt. Text and lips designs are embroidered.

Quilt - Mathis

I have designed this quilt for the birth of a baby boy. The animals on the front were all handmade without patterns. I have used the embroidery and appliqué technique for all of them. The ears and the eyes were made to grab the baby's attention.

Quilt - Maxton

This quilt and small pillow were designed for the shower of a baby boy. The lion became the focus due to the expecting date of birth and was fully embroidered on both, the quilt and the small coordinated pillow. I have embroidered the name of the baby boy on the quilt. The small pillow was entirely created from scratch, including the inside pillow form, and the pillow cover is removable and washable.

Quilt - Mya

Quilt designed for the shower of a baby girl. The name of the baby is embroidered as well as the poodle dogs. I have also created flower appliqués that I have added in the middle and the corners of the quilt. I have used multicolored thread around these appliqués to embellish the work.

Quilt - Wedding Anniversary

The central photo on this quilt is printed on fabric, from a website invitation we received for their wedding anniversary. I have designed my quilt based on that photo and included quotes to congratulate them. Text and images are embroidered.

Quilt for a new baby boy

We created this 42" X 56" quilt and matching pillow by taking into account the room decoration and a piece of Indi fabric that the client used for the changing table. Photos of decorating accessories were given to us as a reference and we were asked to include arrows and elephants as part of the theme, in addition to using color swatches given by the client. The initial of the boy to be born was embroidered on the quilt and the pillow. A client very happy with the end result!

Rag Quilt "Girly"

Beautiful Flannel Rag Quilt in pink, grey, fuchsia, and white colors. Embroidered and appliqué owl on each front corner. Back is checkered in pink and grey with fuchsia corners. Size: 45" (114.3 cm or 3.75') X 60" (152.4 cm or 5'). Fabric was washed before quilt piecing to avoid discoloration and shrinkage.

Rag Quilt "Mittens"

Beautiful Flannel Rag Quilt in blue, grey, and white colors. Fabric was washed before quilt piecing to avoid discoloration and shrinkage. Size: 45" (114.3 cm or 3.75') X 60" (152.4 cm or 5').